Thursday, September 6, 2012

Kate and Rich in Heart

In preparation for a sponsored review, my nails have been untouched now for well over a week and I've been going pretty insane having nothing on them. I finally got my polishes in the mail so I was able to do my manicure, yay! Before I show you the sponsored polishes, let me show you the manicure I'm wearing underneath. I purchased both of these polishes myself.

I had to use the flash on my camera so unfortunately you can't see much detail, but here we have Sinful Colors Rich in Heart and Julep Kate.

Rich in Heart is a gorgeous deep burgundy shimmer. At a distance, it looks black but when you get up close you can see tons of beautiful red sparkles. Kate is a white shimmer, which looks beautiful in the bottle.

Kate did not make me happy. It was drying too quickly; before I could even finish getting an even coat it was drying which made it really difficult to work with. I wound up having bubbles on each nail, too! Boo to bubbles! You can even see the bubbles in this photo, they were pretty bad.

 I'm keeping this pretty short in terms of pictures, but I'll be showing you lots more with my next post. Rich in Heart looks much more brown in this photo than it actually is, I don't know why. It definitely does NOT look brown in real life. I am not a fan of brown polishes... Rich in Heart, I love!

Here's a close up of the shimmer.. sorry it's so blurry. I think you can tell though from this photo how it looks so dark, but then up close at certain angles you can really see the shimmer. I think it's pretty.

Rich in Heart applied well; this is 2 thick coats. I probably could have gotten away with just 1 coat but it was thin in a few areas, so I applied a second coat. It dried slowly, which was my only concern.

So, 1 big thumbs up for Rich in Heart, 1 big thumbs down for Kate as far as application goes. I'm really disappointed by Kate because it does look so pretty in the bottle. On the nail, you can't even see the shimmer you can see in the bottle. As far as wear and tear goes, after 1 day Kate has chipped just in one small area and Rich in Heart is starting to wear on the tips. Overall, not bad for 1 day.

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