Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Try it on Tuesday: Some days are just like this..

Some days start off bad, end good. Other days start good, end bad. Instead of doing 2 separate posts, I thought I'd share my day with you along with my Try it on Tuesday post.

My day started with getting my mail and discovering that not only did I receive my gift from Narmai at Made by Me which I knew I was getting, but I also got my winnings from Cool Polish, Bro's giveaway. My gift from Narmai is Kleancolor's What Girls Really Talk About glitter mini collection. My prize from Cool Polish, Bro, is my first China Glaze polish! Marry a Millionaire :) So, overall, a glitter filled start to my day.

I decided I wanted to do something simple today. Last night, I decided to do one of my old favorite manicures using my two Nina Ultra Pro polishes, Pewter and Silver Slipper. I haven't done this manicure in many, many years. These are more of my very old polishes. I don't know if they're still made or not.. I didn't even know this brand was still sold until recently. Anyway, a few months ago I received a Jamberry nails sample and I thought this would be a good chance to try it out.

Let me start with the Jamberry Nails. This is Black Floral, and it was my first time using any kind of nail shield. Nothing but problems here. I think perhaps my nails are just too small because the Jamberrys refused to lay down flat on my nails, and the one on my left hand has already come completely off, less than 6 hours later. Needless to say, I'm less than impressed with the Jamberry shields. I do have a full sheet so I may try these again at some point in time and see if I can get them to work better. I'm probably going to take them off tomorrow.

Moving on to the polish, Nina Ultra Pro Pewter is a gorgeous pearly light grey. I used 2 coats here. With 1 coat, it almost looks white. It applied pretty easily, but a little streaky as I think you can tell from the photos.

Silver Slipper did not want to photograph well. At all. You can't tell from the photo, but if you've ever gone bowling and have seen the pretty bowling balls full of glitter... well, this is what my nails looked like! Yes, I'm probably the only person I know who went bowling as a child and could not stop staring at the bowling balls. :D

This is 2 layers of Silver Slipper, a very pretty clear packed with tiny sliver glitters. I think you can see in these photos how much the Jamberry was NOT sticking to my nail around the edges.

This manicure stayed in tact for about all of 5 minutes. Even using my quick dry top coat, my right hand was completely ruined within minutes. I've already messed up my left hand, also. Definitely the shortest manicure I've done in a very long time! As much as I love the Nina polishes, I think I'm going to remove the Jamberrys tomorrow, redo this manicure on those nails and then paint over all of my nails with a crackle. Guess I might be doing a couple of manicures this week. I have been wanting to try out OPI Black Shatter over a silver, so I guess this will be a good chance :)

To complete my fun filled day of problems, I grabbed my nail scissors to try clipping away some of the Jamberry and it broke!

Oh well, here's the good part of the day. If you've read my previous posts, at the beginning of each month I clear out my Caboodle and put all of the polishes stored there in with the rest of my stash, then I begin again and put all of my polishes I've won or bought within the month in my Caboodle so I can keep track of my monthly goodies.

I cannot close my Caboodle! I'm still expecting a few more goodies in the mail, so I'll definitely be spilling over this month :)

Meanwhile, if you read my posts on Facebook yesterday, you'll know that I spent about an hour yesterday trying to catch a mouse in my kitchen. It's adorable, very adorable with it's little head poking out through the burner in my stove :/ I made a humane homemade trap, but still haven't captured him but I didn't see him today, either.

To top off today's fun events, my boyfriend came home from work and announced that he's sick. (OH! That's why I felt so horrible last week..... I don't always know when I'm sick.)

So, that's a glance at my day. How is yours? :D


  1. I got a sample of that same Jamberry design. I also had the same problems. They were too big to apply without trimming and the end wouldn't seal! Also I didn;t enjoy holding my hand infront of a blowdryer for 2 nails. I would be so unhappy doing it for a full hand! I wouldn't buy them. I loved the Sally hansen nail polish strips though! Also I still use my caboodles for my polish. I wish my other one didn't have craft supplies in it!

    1. hmm, glad it's not just me! Glad to hear the Sally Hansen strips are better. :)